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Growing up with a father working in commercial art, my childhood

was immersed in this wonderful world which helped shape my

experiences. Art was an important part of my upbringing; I was enrolled

in art programming at the age of three and learned to define my own



This art experience continued into my post secondary education where

I attended York University with studies in Visual/Fine Arts. Exposed to

sociology as part of the regular course outline, I found myself

understanding a language that spoke to me from the heart. I switched

disciplines and continued to serve communities through this new filter.

This lead me to earn a Bachelor of Arts, Sociology Degree with a

strong focus on courses within Visual/Fine Arts. I then spent several

years working within the social services community of the Greater

Toronto Area, as a  caseworker and educational assistant for special

needs students.  After years of working within this field, I really wanted

to incorporate art into the programming. Although this wasn't always

possible, I knew I would someday be combining my skills as a sociologist with my passion for art.


My passion is to assist you in realizing your artistic ability with a self-directed approach to creative expression. My goal is to utilize the skills I have acquired serving people for over 20 years, as tools to release their natural creativity and to accommodate anyone looking to express their truest self.

I am able to customize the artistic process to accommodate adults and children with cognitive and/or physical conditions. 



Allyson Luedtke
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