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Group Art Lessons

Treat Your Friends to a Group Art Lesson

Creating art can be an extremely therapeutic process. Combined with a group of friends and you got yourself a little creative party! 

Learn New Skills

Whether you have no experience or consider yourself an expert, group lessons are meant to be fun and secretly educational.

Location Options

Group lessons can be provided on location in Ottawa Ontario or alternatively in my studio located in Rockland, Ontario. Please note studio capacity can only accommodate 8 people. 

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DO I need to purchase materials For THE GROUP?

- All materials are provided for your group -

  • Apron

  • Table Top Easel

  • Canvas

  • Paints

  • Brushes

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How much does a Group lesson cost?

Group of 4   $45 Each

Group of 6+ $35 Each

  • 3 hour Group Art Lesson

  • All Materials Provided

  • A finished piece of art to hang up in your home

Learn Color Theory

Through our lesson, you will learn about color theory and how different colors complement each other. Most importantly, you'll learn how to come up with your own color palettes.   

Get Comfortable Using Different Types of Brushes

Brushes come in all shapes and sizes and it can be intimidating to know which one to use first. I will help you learn the basics along with tips and tricks for using your brushes.

The Fun Part - Painting!

Once you've learned your colors and you've gotten comfortable with your brushes, we'll explore different techniques on how to create your painting. 


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